Thursday, July 19, 2012

An Introduction - Online Safety Tips

Welcome to the Online Predator Report.  We hope that your visit will bring you closer to understanding the importance of securing your online privacy.

In todays world almost every individual has access to the World Wide Web.  The Internet can be surfed from Personal Computers, Laptops and Cell Phones, leaving us vulnerable to the entire planet.  It is of utmost importance for you to protect yourself and your family from those online with criminal intent.

On these pages you find will safety tips, hotlines, and data on how we have tracked predators.  Please pay attention.  The data we locate on Predators is found the same way a Predator can find YOU.

Please feel free to print out the online safety tips and present them to your friends and family.  Pass along this site to those you care about.  You could save a Life.

Thank you for visiting!

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Social Networks:

Every Social Network, such as Facebook, Myspace and Google Plus, offers privacy settings to help you protect your data.  Using your settings helps protect your images, your email, and your location as well as your family and friends.  We STRONGLY urge you to use these settings to the fullest extent.

Social networks are used to connect with friends and family.  If you wish to reconnect with people, it is best if you use a paid service such as MyLife and  If you desire to allow people to contact you on a Social Network you can easily create a gmail email account which you can post to your public information for people to contact you.

(NEVER click on a link sent to you by anyone, even if you know them.  This is how your email account gets hijacked.  This is how you can get a computer virus.  If it comes from the account of someone you know, create a new message and ask them if they have sent that link to you.  AOL users can attest to the frequency of account hijacks sending mass emails to all their freinds.)

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Locating and Deleting your Online Data:

There is some data that is difficult to remove.  This data consists of Criminal background, Property Records, etc.  This data is only reliable coming from a source that users must pay for.  An excellent source for Data Deletion can be found here:

Other data, such as your full name, your residence, your phone number and the names of individuals you are affiliated with can easily be located.  Simply do a Google search of your name.  This will provide you with pages such as Spokeo,, etc.  You may go the site and request the data be removed.  Certain sites ask that you pay a fee for the removal service.  It is important to keep your data off the internet. All a predator needs is your name and state to find you.  Listing your high school/employment also helps them to gain access to your data.  Keep it private.


Even a User Name can be tracked.  
(Click on the highlighted words to see an example)

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